Liberty Billing

Case Studies


  • Accounts Receivable Reduction — Liberty Billing and Consulting worked closely with a major hospital system in need of cash. All payors with claims over 90 days were referred to Liberty, resulting in cash generation of $32,000,000.
  • Large Balances — Many hospital clients refer large balance inpatient and outpatient claims to Liberty. As a result, clients realize an increase in cash collections. Liberty manages an average of $9,000,000 per month for one client hospital.
  • Aged Accounts — Liberty managed a $100,000,000 project for a major medical center comprised of over 85,000 patient, outpatient and dialysis aged accounts. Liberty collected $21,000,000 of the gross referral that was not anticipated by the client, resulting in additional accounts receivable optimization projects.
  • Cash Acceleration — A client hospital engaged Liberty to supplement their monthly cash flow. Liberty exceeded cash flow expectations by over 30% while minimizing incremental costs.


  • Secondary Billing — Hospital clients that refer secondary billing to Liberty realize incremental cash collections on an ongoing basis. One client hospital realized over $1,800,000 per year as a result of outsourcing Medicare secondary billing to Liberty.
  • Return to Provider Billing — A large teaching institution engages Liberty to research and resolve all RTP claims from Medicare, eliminating the need for additional personnel.


  • In State / Out of State — Many hospital clients refer labor intensive in-state and out-of-state Medicaid receivables to Liberty. Liberty personnel have the expertise to complete applications and resolve Medicaid claims from all state Medicaid programs. One large teaching institution refers all Medicaid receivables greater than 60 days to Liberty. Liberty billers use state of the art, electronic platforms including ePACES and ePREMIS to submit claims.


  • Worker’s Compensation and No Fault — Accounts require extensive resources including numerous follow-up emails, phone calls, documentation and management. Liberty has worked with several clients to effectively handle these accounts on a timely basis resulting in increased cash collections.
  • Personal Injury Protection Arbitration — A large medical center uses Liberty exclusively to collect on no-fault arbitration accounts improving cash collections.


  • Liberty’s project experience includes complex dialysis receivables. For one major medical center, Liberty collected over 50% of the gross referral dollars resulting in an accurate statement of patient receivables and a material improvement in the client’s financial position.